Post dating checks in massachusetts

In states that make a distinction regarding a felony or misdemeanor, the amount of the check usually determines if the crime is a misdemeanor or a felony.In several states the law provides for fines and or imprisonment, but does not specify if the crime is misdemeanor or felony.In some states there is a criminal offense only when the bad check is given in exchange for property or for a present consideration.In other states it is a criminal offense to issue a bad check with intent to defraud or with knowledge of insufficient funds.It is not illegal to write a post dated check nor to give it out as long as there is no illegal intent.

So I am trying to find out ways of ensuing that the rent in fact will be paid.

While there are differences among the states as to how bad checks are viewed (whether a misdemeanor or a felony) and the remedies available to holders of the bad check against the drawer, there are several general factors that run through the majority of state laws: In all states the maker of a check, who tenders a check knowing there is insufficient funds or credit behind the check may be guilty of a crime and may be subject to civil penalties.

In the majority of states the crime is treated as a misdemeanor.

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