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The evening will feature a discussion with writer and psychologist Marte Kaan, theatre maker Julie Cafmeyer and film scholar Patricia Pisters. focuses on the work of the Surinamese -Dutch poet and author Edgar Cairo (1948-2000).

The evening at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam starts with a screening of Cindy Kerseborn’s documentary ‘Edgar Cairo: (2011), about the life and work of this writer, poet, painter and performer.

In the exhibition space, a number of rarely exhibited paintings by Edgar Cairo will be on display.

The program ends with time for questions and a dialogue between the audience, Charl Landvreugd and Cindy Kerseborn. (2002) is a drama film about a family and film crew in Toronto working on a film based on the Armenian Genocide.

Iemand heeft de Facebook-oprichter duidelijk een paar rake klappen gegeven. Zijn brede, onmiskenbare lach is - letterlijk - niet van zijn gezicht af te slaan.

Het kunstwerk van de New Yorkse graffitikunstenaar Katsu is op verschillende manieren te interpreteren.

It has a free-as-in-beer version though, but that is limited to a 100x80mm board layout.

Zijn rechteroog is blauw, een voortand afgebrokkeld.

The other, somewhat opposing approach is to preserve medium-based memory as information, up to the extreme point of view that the material body might be abolished after its essential transformation into its pure binary information units: "We no longer collect the carriers, clay tablets, books or floppies, just the information".

En er zijn videobeelden van een kunstenaar die zijn gezicht middels plastische chirurgie laat verbouwen.

De wens aan anderen een ander gezicht te tonen is uiteraard geen recente ontwikkeling.

I also tend to use this helpful page a lot, which explains every command nicely.

I got one from Olimex, this model You'll have to find a reseller for your country though; in NL that's software for programming the chips using the MCP-USB, I use the program 'picp'; I use the very popular program Eagle ( but I'm still looking for somethin else because it's not open source.


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