Dating sandra lee

She later dropped her last name and became known as Sandra Lee.

Lee's team after the first surgery gave an update that Andrew was so supportive and caring when Sandra was battling for her life.

Cuomo's celebrity chef girlfriend who has struggled to recover from breast cancer surgery, will be going back under the knife Tuesday.

While her doctors have talked about the possibility for weeks, Lee in a Facebook post Monday evening, said she and Cuomo decided Tuesday should be the day.

She likened the situation in her post Monday night to a tennis match.

"Right now the ball is in my court and it's time for a mean backhand — and I am taking that shot (And just so you know I DO, in fact, have one mean backhand on the tennis court! "And to be absolutely clear what I am going through is nothing compared to what many of my sisters experience — to them and their families and support systems I say: Stay strong, focus on the light and I send you my love.


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